Apartment Transpark TOWER Chicago


Courtesy of CT Corp.

• Superblock Concept

(Transtudio, shopping mall, Apt, Soho, XXI, ETC)

• Strategic location in CBD Bintaro, with a land area of ​​1.6ha

Reasons for having Transpark Bintaro:

1. The location is very super strategies where the CBD Bintaro Jaya area is an area that is the center of family activities in Bintaro around.

2. Prices are still very prime starting from Rp. 480 million

3. Close to the BSD area and South Jakarta which can be reached within 20 minutes to Pondok Indah or 45 minutes to Soekarno Hatta Airport area

4. A highly formed surrounding environment

5. Near the Mangu Gorge Station

6. Near toll access

7. Near Pondok Indah Bintaro Hospital, Bintaro Premiere and Family Partners which are currently under construction

8. The South Tangerang area itself continues to experience a good increase every year compared to other regions

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